Romney Trades Campaign Trail for Soccer Field

BELMONT, Mass. - With just 51 days to go until Election Day, Mitt Romney traded the campaign trail for the soccer field today, going with his wife Ann to watch one of his grandsons play.

With their Secret Service detail in tow, Mitt and Ann Romney walked across the Town Field here in Belmont, just a few minutes from their home and their son Tagg's, where the couple had spent several hours this morning.

Occasionally clapping from the sideline, Romney could be seen with his hands on his hips watching the game intently, taking breaks from the action to chat with his wife, who was wearing aviator sunglasses, and son.

While the campaign declined to specify which grandchild Romney had gone to watch play, the eldest candidate's son Tagg tweeted a photo of his son Thomas with Romney and Mrs. Romney after the game. Thomas was in the soccer uniform - a bright green striped shirt that read "Belmont" down the front.

The location of the soccer game was notable - it was the same field where Romney held a press conference on Super Tuesday in March, the candidate emerging from the adjacent Beech Street Center after casting his ballot with Ann.

Romney's presence did not go unnoticed at the park today, where several onlookers turned and stopped to watch the approaching motorcade whip around the sleepy neighborhood. Some of the soccer players approached Romney during the game for a handshake, which Romney dispensed gladly.

Romney and Ann retreated to their waiting car about 45 minutes after arriving at the game and as reporters followed one young soccer player didn't seem to want the extra excitement to end, shouting out, "Can you guys film us a little bit?"