Samuel Jackson Tells Obama Voters to 'Wake the F*** Up'

Image Credit: Jun Sato/WireImage/Getty Images

If winning the presidential election was directly correlated with how many F-bombs celebrities dropped on your behalf, President Obama would have this thing on lock.

In a video parody of Adam Mansbach's book "Go the F*** to Sleep," Actor Samuel Jackson drops a half dozen while telling voters to "wake the f*** up" and vote in November. The video is expected to be released Thursday.

"Sorry, my friends, but there's no time to snore. An out of touch millionaire just declared war. On schools, the environment, unions, fair pay, we're all on our own if Romney has his way," Jackson says as the camera zeros in on his increasingly livid face. "And he's against safety nets. If you fall, tough luck. So I strongly suggest that you wake the f*** up."

Jackson, whose reading of "Go the F*** to Sleep" went viral on YouTube last year, now joins comedian Sarah Silverman in the profanity-laced pro-Obama video category. In a video launched last week comedian Sarah Silverman lambasted "super f****d up" voter ID laws, which could bar largely Democratic minorities from voting.

Both stars' videos were produced by the Jewish Council on Education and Research Super PAC. Each video mixes profanity with policy, contrasting, in the case of the Jackson video, Obama's policies with his GOP rival Mitt Romney's plans.

Mansbach, who wrote the script for the 3-minute video, said the profanity was necessary to convey the "urgency" of getting involved in the election.

"We wanted to do that because it's real," Mansbach told ABC News. "For certain kinds of emotions and situations that language is the most evocative and effective."

And with an actor like Samuel L. Jackson on board, Mansback said the f-bomb was a must.

"He's the best in the world at dropping the f-bomb," the author said. "If I can't figure out a way to set him up, I'm not doing my job."

Whether he's popping up behind intimate grandparents to shouting at a lazy college student, Jackson punctuates a video that has an otherwise fairytale feel with stark comparisons and staccato calls to action.

"We've come a long way but there's still more to do. We need you all back in the fight 'til it's through. Of course you're all busy and finding time's rough but you can sleep when you're dead but right now," Jackson says before the little girl Suzie screams out her window, "Wake the f*** up!"

The full video will go live Thursday morning.