'True Blood' Star Alfre Woodard to Youth Voters: Politics Isn't the Super Bowl

Patrick Ryan/PictureGroup via AP Images

The work has just started for President Obama and his supporters, says actress Alfre Woodard. The "True Blood" and former "Desperate Housewives" star was stumping for the president with a vintage 2008 Obama button pinned to her chest at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte on Thursday night.

"I'm stoked, I'm fired up, you know, I never cooled off from 2008," Woodard told ABC News.

But though the actress is still hot from the last election, the youth vote - Americans age 18 to 29 - has cooled a bit.

In 2008, "we pumped them up, they started to feel like it was a Super Bowl and you choose a side," said Woodard. Democrats now need to reach out to young voters and show them that politics is a way of life, she added.

Now that the long Republican primary is over, however, and the election draws nearer and the Democratic Convention is in full swing, Woodard says she thinks they will win the youth vote once again.

"Now that we're saying 'Suit up, it's the fall, it's time to play ball,' I think those kids are going to come out again," she says. "They know that their investment in this election is the deepest one because they're going to be here longer."