Obamas Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Night Out

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The president and first lady are celebrating a delayed 20th wedding anniversary today. Dining in Georgetown this evening, the first couple is commemorating the occasion at the urban chic Bourbon Steak restaurant, located in the Four Seasons hotel.

The true date of their nuptials fell on Wednesday, which happened to be the day of the first debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The president pointed out the occasion at the top of the debate, reminding his wife that in a year he wouldn't be able to announce it on live television.

Congratulating the Obamas, his rival joked that spending the night with him was probably the "most romantic place you could imagine."

Their night out in Washington is only a temporary relief in this election season. The president returned from campaign trips in Virginia and Ohio on Friday, and is scheduled to continue his tour Sunday in California.