Palin Won't Rule Out Future White House Run

Sarah Palin played it cool Tuesday night, refusing to rule out a future run for the White House.

"I'm not sure what the future holds… Que sera, sera," she said with a coy smile when asked by celebrity gossipers Extra if she had any plans to get back in the ring. She had come close to jumping in the mix this year, before eventually standing down.

As for that other election, just 27 days away now, Palin is backing Mitt Romney to seal a come-from-behind win over President Obama.

"I think Romney is going to win the presidency," she said. "I think people are going to realize it's time to get on a more economically-sound path for this great country and Romney's got a plan to do that."

Palin, who recently announced she's writing a book "on fitness and self-discipline," took a few questions outside the "Dancing With The Stars: All Stars" after-party. Daughter "Bristol the pistol" is making her second appearance on the show and had reason to celebrate after making the cut and progressing to the competition's third round.

"Bristol is an amazing workaholic, has a great work ethic, lots of energy," Palin told the cameras. "As for advice, I tell her to keep everything in perspective, stay optimistic and positive and… might as well dance."