Paul Ryan Pumps Iron in Time Mag Photo Shoot

Image Credit: Gregg Segal/TIME

The ogling of P90X workout fanatic-turned vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan reached a fever pitch as photos of the ultra-fit Republican hit the Internet today. The full spread will appear in the newest issue of Time Magazine.

Hours before the vice presidential debate - Ryan's first appearance on the nationally televised debate stage - Time magazine released six photos of Ryan clad in gray work-out gear and a red baseball hat with headphone cords dangling down his back as he pumps 50-pound dumbbells.

The images were taken nearly a year ago when the Wisconsin congressman was a runner-up for the Time Person of the Year issue. At the time, the House budget chairman's intense workout routine was little known outside the congressional gym.

Image Credit: Gregg Segal/TIME

But 10 months later, Ryan's fit figure, coupled with his newfound national fame as Mitt Romney's GOP running mate, has spawned Internet memes, Twitter accounts and a slew of online admirers.

Within hours after Time published the workout photos, two of which feature Ryan doing bicep curls, the Twitter account @PaulRyansBicep was born.

"Schedule for tonight: 8pm Workout. 9pm Debate. 11pm Workout," one tweet reads.

"Fact check this: I can bench press more than you," another notes.

The"Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan" tumblr site nabbed one of the images for its latest online meme, adding these words over the image of Ryan curling a dumbbell, "Hey Girl, defending your wallet at the debate means TRAINING."

A fake OkCupid dating profile was also created shortly after the workout photos were posted. In it Ryan's body type is listed as "jacked" and his self-summary reads, "I'm lookin' for a nice bunch of women to give up everything they stand for an vote for me. And those guns? Yeah - I built that ;)"

Ryan, 49, has not shied away from his now-infamous workout routine, despite the online attention. His father and grandfather died of heart disease, a genetic history he is combating by keeping his body fat below 8 percent.

Even the strenuous campaign trail can't keep him away from his workouts.

"I'm going to keep myself in shape, that's for sure," Ryan told Yahoo News shortly after being selected as the vice presidential running mate.