PM Note: 49-49, Handshake Plugs, 'Bronco Bama,' Christie Moves Halloween, Romney's Map

Happy Halloween - Unless you're in New Jersey, which Chris Christie declared today will celebrate on Election Eve…. New Jersey Halloween… Sort of like Orthodox Easter -

ABC / Washington Post Tracking Poll - Obama 49 / Romney 49

Gary Langer: Likely voters of all political stripes give broadly positive ratings to Barack Obama's response to the devastating storm that smashed the East Coast this week. Whether it makes a difference in the long-deadlocked presidential election is another question. Initially, the latest ABC News/Washington Post daily tracking poll finds essentially no change: Likely voters are back to exactly an even split in preferences, 49-49 percent between Obama and Mitt Romney - within a point or two of where the race has been all along.

How long until there is pithy, probably inaccurate talk of an Obama "storm surge?"

Voice of America : Crying 4 Year-Old Tired of "Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney" -

On election day, ABC News is teaming up with Google for Google+ Hangouts with voters from all 50 states. In order to be a part of the hangouts, participants will need a webcam and a fast Internet connection.

Interested in being a part of our coverage November 6th? Give Us Your Detes HERE.

The Great Sandy Handshake of 2012 - Russell Goldman wrapped an important moment in 2012, when weather conspired to bring the Democratic president and the Republican governor together 6 days before an election that has been years in the making, caused or resulting from a divided nation:

President Obama surveyed the devastation wreaked by the superstorm Sandy today with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in what both men say was a non-political event, but was a powerful image of bipartisan cooperation just six days before the election.

Obama was greeted on the tarmac by Christie, a vocal supporter of Obama's challenger Mitt Romney, and the two men boarded the president's Marine One helicopter to asses the damage along the battered New Jersey shore.

Back on the Trail, Romney Strikes Subdued Tone - Mitt Romney was back on the stump in Florida for his first full day of campaigning since Hurricane Sandy devastated areas of the East Coast. But Romney maintained a more subdued tone here, trading harsh attacks on President Obama's tenure for a more positive set of remarks then one might be expect just days before election day. (Emily Friedman)

All that will end tomorrow as both candidates are back on the official campaign trail.

Thursday Obama is in Wisconsin, Nevada and Colordao. Friday he's in Ohio. Saturday he's in Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Dubuque, Iowa and Bristow, Virginia. Sunday he's in Concord, New Hampshire; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Cincinnati, Ohio and Aurora, Colorado.

Romney: 3 Virginia events on Thursday (Roanoke, Doswell, Virginia Beach); West Allis, Wisconsin on Friday; Newington, New Hampshire on Saturday.

Note to Romney - Aid Organizations Prefer Cash to Canned Food-Mitt Romney's hastily organized storm relief event in Ohio on Tuesday highlighted a difficult reality for aid organizations. Also, Buzzfeed reports that the Romney campaign spent money on food at Walmart to be donated at the event. (Abby Phillip)

Sandy's Scope and Obama's Reaction Set Storm Apart Historically-Hurricane Sandy blew the best laid plans of the campaigns to the wind this week, but her bad timing in an election year isn't what makes her unique. It's Sandy's scope - and the candidates' reactions - that set this storm apart from the rest. (Sarah Parnass)

The Obama Map and the Romney Map -Why GOP outside groups and the Romney campaign starting to spend money and time moving into blue territory such as Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Michigan? (Amy Walter)

Why It's Tough To Count Florida's Latino Voters-With less than one week to go in the presidential election, no candidate appears to have emerged with a clear edge in the toss-up state of Florida. (Jordan Fabian)

Biden Calls Romney Jeep Ad 'Outrageous Lie'-Vice President Biden launched a stinging critique of Mitt Romney for an Ohio ad suggesting the president allowed Chrysler to move Jeep operations to China, calling Romney's ad an "outrageous lie." (Arlette Saenz)

Ryan Responds: "Today he was talking about the government bailout which they keep touting as an unqualified success story. I tell you what: ask those salaried Delphi workers in Oak Creek if they feel like it was a success story. Ask the Chrysler Kenosha engine people if they think this was a success story. The facts, they speak for themselves. President Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy, taxpayers still stand to lose $25 million dollars in the president's politically managed bankruptcy. …these companies, Chrysler in particular we know this story, are now choosing to expand manufacturing overseas. These are the facts. (Shush Walshe)

Shush also writes about how Ryan has led the campaign charge into Wisconsin -

Joe Biden Jokes About 2016 Run for President-Joe Biden's attempt to convince a Republican to vote for Barack Obama Nov. 6 ended with the vice president jokingly referring to his own potential run for the top job in 2016. (Arlette Saenz)

Obama Aide Bets Moustache on Mitt's 'Myth'-"We have the math, they have the myth." That's how Obama campaign manager Jim Messina described the state of the presidential race today, less than a week before voters head to the polls. (Devin Dwyer)

Superstorm Sandy Rumors Cost Congressional Campaign Manager His Job-The congressional campaign manager who confessed to spreading falsehoods on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy has resigned from Christopher Wright's New York City congressional campaign. (Abby Phillips)

Mitt Romney Chooses New Hampshire for Site of Final Rally Before Election Day-Mitt Romney will hold his final campaign rally in New Hampshire, the very state in which he launched his bid for the White House 16 months ago. (Emily Friedman)

Russia Takes Swipe at US Democracy Ahead of Election - We love politics stories from Kirit Radia with that Moscow dateline - "The #US electoral system is decentralised, fragmented and obsolete," the Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted. Opponents of the electoral college (which could include more Americans if one candidate loses next Tuesday's election despite winning the popular vote) might not disagree with the broad strokes of that second point. Of course, recent Russian elections have been marred by reports of widespread voter fraud. And since President Vladimir Putin's inauguration in May, human rights activists have sounded the alarm about a string of new, increasingly restrictive laws and policies that appear aimed at intimidating Russia's opposition. The Russian Foreign Ministry's statements came amid rising anti-American rhetoric from the Kremlin and echoed criticism from Russia's election chief, who penned a lengthy piece ripping apart the American election process in a state-owned newspaper on Wednesday.

Romney Campaign Clarifies on FEMA - Univision's Jordan Fabian: On Wednesday, the Romney campaign sought to quell concerns about their candidate's apparent desire to make deep cuts to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Senior adviser Kevin Madden told reporters that Romney sees a "really important role" for FEMA, and "that being a partner for these states is the best approach." In a July 2011 GOP primary debate, Romney said that he would largely delegate responsibility for disaster relief away from the federal government to the states, a statement that suggested large cutbacks to the agency that is playing a major role in helping pay for the response to Sandy.