PM Note: Denver D Day, A Referendum that Turned Into a Choice, How to Watch, What to Look For

The Debate in Denver! Domestic - On TV - There will be George and Diane starting at 9 p.m. ET

Streaming coverage starts at 8 p.m. ET with Amy Walter and Dan Harris.

Watch it at , on our iPad app and on YouTube .

Jon Karl will helm a seriously robust fact checking operation throughout. Jake Tapper and David Muir are on the scene.

We'll have a tri-caster at where you can watch the debate and a isolated shots of the candidates as they ask and answer.

Debate Detes (Who, what, when, where, how) - You can handle the 'why' yourself -

1960 Flashback - Nixon Tapes on his Infamous Performance - He was exhausted, sweaty and pale. His shirt was one size too big and five shades too light. And after a full day of campaigning, he was tired and anxious, all things a candidate does not want to be during his first televised presidential debate. (Amy Bingham)

QOTD on Colorado - "There's an awful lot of liberals in this state from New York, California - They call themselves independents, but they're really not." - Michael Falcone got an earful in Colorado today from 73 year-old Ken Carpenter - (Michael Falcone)

How Latinos Shifted the Colorado Electorate - (Univision's Fabian)

The State of Play - A Referendum That Turned Into a Choice - There's a little more than a month before we find out who is going to win the election between President Obama and Mitt Romney. With three debates remaining, including tonight's, it is a tossup - and anybody who tells you they know otherwise is lying.

But there's one aspect of the argument where the Obama campaign can claim victory. Is this election a choice or a referendum?

For months through the primary campaign earlier this year, through the spring and into the summer, Mitt Romney's campaign made clear that it wanted this election to be a referendum on Obama - his economy, his economic policy, the health law that has come to bear his name, his foreign policy and his personality.

But events and the Obama campaign conspired against him. - More here on how Romney embraced the choice narrative - (Wolf and Klein)

Wrapping the Day - The waiting is nearly over. Six months after he locked up the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney will finally step into the ring with President Obama tonight for their first debate and what could be his last best chance to turn the tide of a campaign that has seen Obama establish slim, but consistent leads in swing-state polls. (Krieg)

Paul Ryan makes Eric Holder a Fundraising Pitch -

Romney Camp: 2007 Obama Video Won't Come Up During Debate-The controversial 2007 video in which President Barack Obama claimed the federal government discriminated against New Orleans after Katrina is unlikely to be brought up by Mitt Romney, a spokesman for the campaign said. (Abby Phillips)

Presidential Debates 2012: When 'Special Moments' Give Way to Political Reality-For the Obamas, date night will have to wait: It's debate night. Barack and Michelle Obama will hold off on really celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary tonight because the president will be battling in the first round of the 2012 presidential debates in Denver. (Jilian Fama)

Why Michelle Obama Married the President-What drew First Lady Michelle Obama to say "I do" to the Commander in Chief?"I married him because of his character," First Lady Michelle Obama tells talk show host and stand-up comedian Steve Harvey. (Reena Ninan)

President Obama Tells Vanity Fair He Was Prepared to Have Bin Laden Tried In Federal Court-If Osama bin Laden had surrendered to the Navy SEALs, President Obama was prepared to put the al Qaeda leader on trial in a federal court, the president told journalist Mark Bowden in a November story in VANITY FAIR based on an adaptation from Bowden's pending book THE FINISH. (Jake Tapper)

GOP Chafes at Justice Dept. Move to Buy Illinois Prison-Top Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are lashing out at the Obama administration after Attorney General Eric Holder informed congressional appropriations leaders Tuesday that despite congressional objections, the Justice Department is moving forward with a plan to purchase the maximum-security prison in Thomson, Ill. (Sunlen Miller)

Rubio Calls Biden 'The Best Thing' GOP Has Going for It-Don't boo Joe Biden! That's what Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday when he categorized Vice President Joe Biden as one of the GOP's greatest assets as Republicans try to capitalize on the vice president's statement that the middle class has been "buried" over the last four years. (Arlette Saenz)

8-Time Felon, Running For Michigan State House, Now Being Evicted-People say politicians can't be trusted, but what about when it comes to an eight-time felon running for public office? Brian Banks, 35, convicted of writing bad checks and credit card fraud, is vying for Michigan's 1st House District this November. (Jilian Fama)

Obama and Allies Run More Ads than Romney in Key States-Despite all the hype about Republican SuperPacs and Mitt Romney's own robust fundraising, something strange has happened in this campaign: Obama and the Democrats have dominated the airwaves in virtually every major battleground media market. (Jonathan Karl)

Cheeto-bama and Romn-eeto Face Off for Title of 'Commander in Cheese'-The presidential campaign just got a little cheesier as Cheeto's released portraits of the presidential candidates constructed entirely out of its cheesy snack, more than 2,000 of them. (Amy Bingham)

What You Need to Know Before Tonight's Debate-President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney will face off tonight in the first presidential debate of the 2012 election. The forum will focus exclusively on domestic policy. Half of the debate will be on the economy, the other half will ask the candidates to address health care, their view of the role of government and their vision for governing. (Abby Phillip)

Duel In Denver: Debate Day Arrives-After weeks of practice by the candidates and posturing by their campaigns, debate day has finally arrived, and all that matters now is what President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney do and say on the stage tonight in Denver. (Michael Falcone and Amy Walter)

In Colorado, Presidential Race Is a Dead Heat-The presidential race in Colorado is close. So close that it's statistically tied. (Russell Goldman)

Lackluster Popularity Dogs the Political Parties-It's no party being a political party: The Democrats, while slightly more popular than unpopular, are near their record lows. The Republicans are underwater. And the Tea Party political movement has slipped to its weakest favorability on record in ABC News/Washington Post polls. (Greg Holyk)