Reason TV to Samuel Jackson: 'Wake the F*** Up'

Image Credit: Courtesy JCER

Hours after Samuel L. Jackson urged voters to "wake the f*** up" and vote for Obama, a libertarian news site is striking back, telling the actor to he's the one that needs to wake up.

In a 1 minute and 30 second video released by the libertarian news site Reason, the twinkling moonlight and cozy houses of Jackson's 4-minute parody video are replaced by the bomb-filled skies and dusty huts of a Pakistani village.

"This part of Pakistan isn't quite heaven, with drones buzzing over them 24/7," Reason's editor Nick Gillespie narrates in the rebuttal video. "The bombs that we're sending are not so precise. Hundreds of innocent people have died."

"And your chief concern is a bake sale and such?" Gillespe adds. "Some news for you Samuel, wake the F*** Up."

Jackson's video, which was released by the Jewish Council on Education and Research Super PAC last week, was written by Adam Mansbach, the author of "Go the F*** to Sleep," and featured Jackson touting Obama's accomplishments and telling voters that "on schools, the environment, unions, fair pay, we're all on our own if Romney has his way."

Gillespe said Jackson's video was "patently stupid" because it told people who were no longer enthusiastic about President Obama to vote for him anyway.

"We really admire Samuel Jackson but we just thought the video was really stupid," Gillespe said. "The idea that anybody would just kind of will away Obama's record in office and the results it's produced is something that I felt needed urgent critique."

Gillespe's video hammers Jackson for supporting a president that has authorized drone attacks, kept prisoners detained in Guantanamo Bay indefinitely and without charges, presided over an 8 percent or higher unemployment rate, and "killed" citizens through executive order. Obama last year authorized a CIA drone attack to kill suspected Al Queda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen born in New Mexico but ran a terror cell in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen.

"Aren't these deaths grounds for distension, not to mention unemployment and boundless detention?" Gillespe says in the video, as nursery music plays in the background. "We've gone from the promise of changing and hoping to domestic surveillance and TSA groping. And citizens killed by executive order."

Watch Reason's rebuttal video here.