The Romneys Play Jenga: Mitt's Debate Prep in Photos

In the hours leading up to tonight's debate, it was all about family time for Mitt Romney. And a little bit of Jenga.

After huddling with several members of his senior staff as well as Sen. Rob Portman, Romney was photographed by his body man Garrett Jackson hanging on the couch in his Denver hotel suite with several of his grandchildren by his side. Four of his five sons also joined Romney for some pre-debate downtime.

They watched television - no, not pre-debate shows - and ate dinner, take out from the Cheesecake Factory. Romney ate a BBQ sandwich and some spaghetti.

Before departing the hotel for the debate site, Romney and his wife Ann appeared to have a moment of reflection, peering out the window of their hotel room, Romney with his arm around his wife's waist.

In yet another photo taken by Jackson, Romney clutched Ann's hand as they drove over in their motorcade, Ann dressed in a winter white suit and Romney in a white shirt.

Later, at the debate site at the University of Denver, Romney and Ann are seen watching family members play a game of Jenga. The balancing game with blocks. That shot, arresting and artistic, was snapped by wire photographer Charles Dharapak.

Image credit: Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

Image credit: @dgjackson/Twitter

Image credit: @tromney/Twitter