Woman, 80, Could Face Jail Time for Stealing Obama-as-Hitler Posters

Eighty-year-old Nancy Lack was on her way to the gym when she saw something that enraged her - two women setting up several posters depicting President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler mustache.

Now the Hebron, Conn., resident is facing sixth-degree larceny and breach of peace charges for forcefully removing the posters - a charge that could lead to jail time and a fine.

The controversial posters have become a calling card for members of LaRouchePac, a fringe political group supporting eight-time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche and his movement, which advocates for the impeachment of President Obama for his participation in an alleged conspiracy to control world events.

"As we speak, Obama is staging his Hitler coup in the form of the fascist Supercongress," the group says on its website. "Glass-Steagall [a set of banking regulatory rules] has now become the only weapon of strategic defense that our nation has to head off this coup. Bankrupt the enemy, remove Obama from office."

Lack, who is a member of a shrinking generation with memories of Hitler's reign, said after trying to let off steam at the gym, she returned to the demonstration site to remove the posters.

"The two women screamed at me that I couldn't do that, and that I was a crazy lady," Lack said. "I felt like I was, at that moment, but I didn't care.

"I felt anger that they would equate a standing president with Hitler," she said. "I remember Hitler. Probably these people don't. Probably the majority of those in the country don't remember how bad he was."

Lack said the posters were hard to remove, but after prying hard, she managed to get three loose. She put the posters in her car, but before leaving the scene, had some parting words for the LaRouche demonstrators: "Make sure you take the license plate."

After heading home, and then off to the drug store, Lack was told state police were looking for her. She headed to the nearest station and turned in the posters - and herself.

"I am an Obama supporter but that's not the reason I did it. If it were Romney up there I would do the same, I think," she said. "Obama is president. I just lost it. It's hard to come down from that."

Lack is scheduled to appear in court next week. She could face up to three months behind bars.