Ann Romney Says Mitt's No Football Coach

NEWINGTON, N.H. - Ann Romney is joining her husband for the duration of the campaign, and today she stopped by the press cabin on the campaign plane before taking off for Iowa.

"Three more days, it's been a long, it's been a long road," said Mrs. Romney, who was wearing a hot pink blazer and was holding a box of whoopie pies.

"It's really humbling," she said when asked how it feels to be so close to the end of what has been a more than 16-month campaign. "It's very touching for me. It was very emotional when I gave my last sort of address by myself, because I hear the voices and the passion of the people out there that are really hurting, and they are etched in my mind and my heart, as they are with Mitt."

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"It's been an extraordinary experience," she added.

Mrs. Romney declined to speculate about her husband's state of mind, joking that none of the campaign spokespeople knew she was coming to talk to the press.

"That's it guys," she said, turning to the pastry box, "It's pumpkin whoopie time!"

As for her own favorite campaign experience? That touchdown pass she made last month on the beach in Florida, when she dropped in on a football game between campaign staffers and some members of the traveling press corp.

"I know how to throw spirals, is that a shock for anybody?" she joked. Asked who her football coach was, Mrs. Romney didn't miss a beat. "Not Mitt," she said with a smile. "It would've been one of the boys. Probably Tagg, who taught me how to throw a spiral." Join ABC News and Google+ for Election Night Hangouts - let us know who you are HERE.