Broadwell, Lewinsky Lawyers Partners at Same Firm

The lawyer representing the woman who was the mistress of former CIA-director David Petraeus works for the same firm as the lawyer who represented Monica Lewinsky.

An assistant to Washington Lawyer Robert F. Muse told ABC News that Muse is representing Paula Broadwell, the biographer turned mistress of the former Afghanistan general who resigned last week after admitting their affair.

Muse works at Stein, Mitchell, Muse & Cipollone, a Washington-based law firm that covers several practices, including white collar criminal defense, congressional investigations and whistleblower law.

The firm boasts such high-profile clients as Lewinsky, former Sen. Bob Packwood, R-Ore., AFL-CIO officials and Ambassador Lewis Tambs in the Iran-Contra Investigation.

The Stein in the firm's title refers to Jacob A. Stein, the man who was one-half of the 2003 team for President Clinton's famed mistress. Stein's bio on the website does not list Lewinsky as one of his clients, but he's a well-known personality in Washington. The bio does refer to Edwin "Ed" Meese, the adviser to President Reagan who Stein, as independent counsel, investigated and exonerated in the mid 1980s. Profiles of Stein written when he joined the Lewinsky team the New York Times called " Plato and Jake" also refer to the Meese case.

Stein also represented Packwood when the senator faced allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances toward more than two dozen women. The letter stating that prosecutors were dropping charges against Packwood was sent to both Stein and Muse in 1995.

Packwood eventually resigned after the Senate Ethics Committee voted 6-0 to recommend he be expelled for his misconduct.

Muse has some interesting cases under his belt as well. He served as a staff attorney with the Senate Watergate Committee from 1973-74. His bio also claims he served as counsel in "various espionage cases and litigation involving classified information."

He has not yet spoken publicly about representing Broadwell.

So far no charges have been brought against Broadwell, but there could be some to come. ABC News' Pierre Thomas reported earlier today that Broadwell's personal computer was found to be the source of emails Jill Kelley, a friend of Petraeus and his wife, received that she said were harassing and contained classified information, an offense that could be tried in criminal court but likely won't.