Florida Asks Women to Spill Their Sex Habits

The Florida Department of Health is getting a little too close for comfort for some women in the state. The department recently mailed a survey to randomly selected women between 18 and 24 requesting intimate details about their sex lives.

The 12-page questionnaire, which was sent to about 4,000 women, is intended to help the state get a better grasp of the need for family-planning services in Florida. But critics say the survey crosses the line.

Among the questions are, "How many sexual partners have you had?" "Has a man ever poked holes in a condom to get you pregnant?" and "Have you ever been raped?"

Paige Waugh, a student at the University of Tampa, told an ABC News affiliate that the survey is "a bit invasive."

And the women who agree to take the survey, she added, are probably not going to be truthful.

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"That's private information" Waugh says. "So they are probably going to get biased results."

The state says that the survey is completely voluntary and participants will remain anonymous.

There is, however, a small perk for women who agree to take the survey. A $10 gift card to CVS to use on various health-related items is given to all participants in exchange for the intimate details of their sex lives.