Four Days After Election, Obama Wins in Florida

Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Four days have passed since President Barack Obama took enough of the electoral college to secure a second term and Florida has still not quite counted 100 percent of its ballots. But with the last absentee votes from overseas trickling in and precincts firming up, Florida's Secretary of State today finally announced Obama would walk away with its 29 electoral votes.

President Obama took the state by a paper-thin margin over challenger Mitt Romney at 50 percent to 49.1, or roughly 74,000 votes - barely over the half a percent margin that would have mandated a recount.

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Florida had been listed as "too close to call" since Tuesday, and although the national race had been called fairly early into that evening, the outlier evoked memories of the 2000 election's recount in the race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

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The final electoral college tally now stands at 332 Obama, 206 Romney. With the Sunshine State's addition, Obama has taken all eight states ABC News listed as a "toss up" heading into the election, including hard fought battles in Ohio and Virginia.

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