Naked Protesters Occupy John Boehner's House Office

(Image Credit: Susan Walshe / AP Photo)

Some protesters dropped trou to launch a protest at House Speaker John Boehner's office in the Longworth House Office building in Washington.

U.S. Capitol Police public information officer Shennell Antrobus confirmed: "three females arrested for lewd and indecent acts in the Speaker's Longworth office. Demonstrators disbursed that area."

This is an office across the street from the Capitol Building. The speaker, who has a plush suite of offices in the Capitol Building, never works in the district office, so he wasn't privy, as it were, to the privates.

The protesters, who had red ribbons painted on their bodies, appear to have been protesting potential budget cuts to AIDS programs.

It's unclear why the naked women were arrested, but the naked man in the picture was not.

An aide to Boehner said there would be no official comment about the incident, but confirmed there were seven individuals from the group ACT Up who came into the office and proceeded to remove their clothing. That is when staffers to Boehner's office notified Capitol Police, who came and handled the situation from there.