Obama Heckled In Cincinnati by Abortion Protester

CINCINNATI, Ohio - President Obama was interrupted by a rowdy heckler just minutes into his rally in this critical battleground state tonight.

The anti-abortion protester held up a cardboard sign that read "this moral wrong should never be a constitutional right." The sign included some grisly medical photographs.

The older, grey-haired man, who was holding the sign upside down, shouted persistently from the upper balcony of the University of Cincinnati's Fifth Third Arena in what sounded like a full-throated holler.

The enthusiastic crowd of 13,500 responded quickly, drowning out the heckler with deafening chants of "four more years!"

"It's okay… It's okay," the president said in response.

The man grabbed the balcony railing and resisted mightily when four law enforcement officials tried to force him out. The heckler was ultimately removed from the event.

A few moments later, another man standing at the back of the gymnasium interrupted the president again as he was talking about superstorm Sandy. He too was escorted out of the arena.

"These might have been some Tennessee Titans fans who were mad at the Bears beating them really badly today," Obama joked before launching back into his stump speech.

-Mary Bruce, Jake Tapper and Ann Compton