President Obama Victory Speech Upstaged by 'Hair Flag Lady'


During his election night victory speech in 2008, President-elect Barack Obama shared the spotlight with his two young daughters, a then-10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha.

During Tuesday night's re-election victory speech, the president didn't just share the spotlight. Some would say he was upstaged - not by his now-nearly teenage daughters but by an anonymous woman known to the world only as "hair flag lady."

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The upstager-in-chief got the coveted spot of standing just behind President Obama's shoulder as he spoke to thousands of cheering Democrats in Chicago and a worldwide television audience.

WATCH: President Obama's Victory Speech 2012

What did she decide to do with the prominent placement? She stuck a flag in it - specifically, in her hair.

As Obama used soaring rhetoric to remind the electorate what was still on his agenda for the next four years, "Hair Flag Lady," as she was deemed on Twitter, stood smiling with an American flag protruding from her head.

The Internet quickly caught wind of the oddity and, in the tradition of all things viral, the woman became an Internet meme and a hot topic on Twitter, even among celebrities.

"How far into that lady's brain does that flag go?" tweeted singer Josh Groban.

"Dear lady behind Obama, Take that flag out of your hair," wrote "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Call her #Hairflag, #Flaghead or #flaginhairlady or any of the number of other hashtags that popped up, she gave the leader of the free world a run for his camera-ready money.

Take a look at five of the night's top tweets around "Hair Flag Lady":

1) "I hope that lady is getting texts from her mother: "TAKE THAT FLAG OUT OF YOUR HAIR. EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU. #flaghead," - @kidicarus222.

2) "did an astronaut land on that lady's head and stick a flag in it," - @jwoliner.

3) "Pretty sure @fivethirtyeight didn't predict #hairflag" - @alexoid.

4) "I live for the woman behind Obama with a flag in her hair. She is iconic. She is everything. She won this election. #VictorySpeech" - @tyleroakley.

5) "When is Flag Head Lady going to find out she's a meme?" - @DamondLindelof.

A call placed to the Obama re-election campaign was not returned.

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