Former Sen. Alan Simpson, 81, Dances to Gangnam Style


The dreaded fiscal cliff got a litter lighter today thanks to former Senator Alan Simpson, half of the bipartisan Simpson Bowles balanced deficit reduction evangelist team. The 81-year-old Republican danced to Gangnam Style after referencing "instagramming and tweeting" in a YouTube video posted to spread the word about the fiscal cliff.

The video titled, "Take the Three Week Challenge!" was posted to promote The Can Kicks Back, a campaign targeting the youth to actively participate in fixing the national debt problem.

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"Stop Instagramming your breakfast and tweeting your first world problems, and getting on YouTube so you can see Gangnam Style," Simpson said in the video while cutting to a clip of he and a man dressed up in a can costume dancing to the South Korean song.

"And start using those precious social media skills to go out and sign people up on this baby."

The ad which initially asks "How can young Americans fix our $16 trillion national debt" urges the youth to sign up for "The Can Kicks Back whose mission is "educate, organize and mobilize over 100,000 young people to pressure elected officials achieve a bold, balanced and bipartisan deficit reduction agreement by July 4, 2013," according to the campaigns website.

The former republican Senator gives the YouTube sensation, PSY, a run for his money doing the dance moves that he called the "lasso" and the "horse back." But the former senator might have to try a little harder to have the campaign get as much popularity as Gangnam Style as it recently captured the title of most watched video in YouTube history with 887,702,478 to date.