PM Note: Immigration Pregreement, Details Later, Hillary Clinton's Farewell, Kerry Confirmed, Gnomes of Oakland

Kerry Confirmed 94-3 - Who'd have thought the former Democratic presidential candidate at the State Department would be easier to confirm than the former Republican senator at the Pengaton? -

Stay Tuned to Nightline and ABC for Cynthha McFadden's interview with Hillary Clinton with tough questions about her Benghazi testimony and her future.

To whet your appetite - Clinton by the N umbers - 956,000 Miles, 1,700 meetings with world leaders, 3 on-camera dances - (Jilian Fama and Dana Hughes)

QOTD - "We've received a lot of feedback from residents who love the gnomes," PG & E Spokesman Jason King told The Associated Press. "We're looking for solutions. We'll keep them where people can enjoy them." - Don't Mess with Oakland's Anonymous Gnomes -

A 7th "happy to be alive" anniversary for ABC's Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt -

The Immigration Pitch - Today it was Rubio on Rush. Tomorrow it is Obama on ABC's partner Univsion.

No - Obama (and Democrats) and Rubio (and Republicans) don't unanimously agree on what'll be in an immigration bill. But the big names on both sides seem to be trying to get the sales pitch out of the way early. Jordan Fabian wraps the day -

Immigration Pre-greement? - The immigration strategy on both sides of the aisle seems to go a little like this: We all agree! Make a big show of bipartisan agreement, get everyone to sign onto big ideas, woo the conservative media before there are specifics over which to quibble… and then work out the details later.

Obama Today - "The good news is that - for the first time in many years - Republicans and Democrats seem ready to tackle this problem together. Members of both parties, in both chambers, are actively working on a solution. And yesterday, a bi-partisan group of Senators announced their principles for comprehensive immigration reform, which are very much in line with the principles I've proposed and campaigned on for the last few years. At this moment, it looks like there's a genuine desire to get this done soon. And that's very encouraging."

Rubio also did his part today. The Florida Senator who today began a spirited PR offensive in favor of bipartisan action. In addition to his appearance on Rush, Rubio also gave an impassioned Senate floor speech. He planned appearances on other radio talk shows as well.

But there was no animosity between Rubio and Rush today. Rush was extremely respectful of Rubio and his ideas even as he suggested President Obama was only after political gain with this process.

"You're meeting everybody honestly, forthrightly. You're meeting everyone halfway," Limbaugh told Rubio.

But there is not exactly agreement yet.

Here's what Rubio said after Obama's speech in Las Vegas:

"I am concerned by the President's unwillingness to accept significant enforcement triggers before current undocumented immigrants can apply for a green card. Without such triggers in place, enforcement systems will never be implemented and we will be back in just a few years dealing with millions of new undocumented people in our country. Furthermore…" and he goes on from there.

How does Obama's Plan Differ from the Gang of 8? - No guest worker program and more direct path to citizenship for starters - (Jordan Fabian)

Rubio Says Immigration Reform Needs Obamacare Changes - Marco Rubio is leading the GOP charge on immigration reform, but he says new policies won't work without changing President Obama's health-reform law to specifically exclude the undocumented. (Chris Good)

Obama's Immigration Plan Does Includes Provisions for Gay and Lesbian Immigrants - (DeRuy)

The Pivotal Question on Immigration - From Potomac Strategies Matt Mackowiak - "Can conservative supporters like Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., convince conservative critics that the bill does not equal amnesty?

"The ultimate resolution of (that) question will determine the bill's fate. The most reasonable criticism of the bipartisan plan is that even by requiring those already here illegally to pass a background check, register for a visa (with a requirement that they learn English) and pay back taxes, and then wait for everyone else in line legally to be processed first, the reform would still advantage the lawbreakers. How?

"If Republicans want to benefit from strengthening border security, reforming our highly skilled immigrant visa program and opening Hispanic voters up to listen to our ideas, then we must be willing to accept the unfortunate reality that we cannot deport 12 million people." The A-Word: Why Amnesty Is a Dirty Word in the Immigration Debate - Two days before his bid for immigration reform died in the Senate, President George W. Bush accidentally told a group of lawmakers that his plan would grant undocumented individuals "amnesty." (Sarah Parnass) NRA's Wayne LaPierre: Don't Blame Gun Owners for Acts of Criminals - Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association, will tell the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday that the federal government should not blame law abiding gun owners for the acts of criminals by enacting new gun control legislation. (Arlette Saenz)

Our Palin Expert Shush Walshe Says Palin Is Not Over - Sarah Palin's break up with Fox News should not have been, well, breaking news, as she had publicly complained in August on Facebook that the network had canceled her appearances at the Republican National Convention. (Shushanna Walshe)

The Many Immigration Positions of Marco Rubio - From Beth Reinhard at National Journal - "As Rubio's star power and skills at framing the immigration debate begin to lure conservatives to the table, the potential for a breakthrough in Washington is already overshadowing his previous policy shifts. As a state lawmaker in 2003 and 2004, he co-sponsored bills to give college tuition breaks to illegal immigrants. As Florida House Speaker in 2008, half a dozen bills that aimed to crack down on illegal immigrants fizzled on his watch. But during the 2010 campaign, Rubio towed the anti-amnesty line demanded by the conservative base of his party. He even argued the U.S. census should count "only legal citizens" because including illegal immigrants would "actually incentivize politicians to perpetuate our broken immigration system by rewarding states with large illegal immigrant populations with a louder voice in Washington." -

Election to Replace Sen. Kerry Likely June 25 - With Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry's confirmation for Secretary of State proceeding at a smooth and quick pace, the question now becomes who will replace him and when? (Elizabeth Hartfield)