President Obama's New Cabinet: Where Are the Women?

Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo


President Obama is rolling out several top picks for his new cabinet this week. On Monday he announced that he was nominating former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense and counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan as CIA director, and on Thursday he announced his nomination to head up the Treasury department- current White House chief of staff Jack Lew. Many of you had questions about the president's selections, including a question that's generating a lot of buzz right now- where are the women?

Scott Lara tweeted: "Where is the diversity in the Obama administration? We need more minorities and women?"

Susan Danzig asks: "Any rumors as to who would replace Lew as Chief of Staff? Just curious…"

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And Midge Daniels Lee wrote in on Facebook about a topic getting some buzz- Lew's signature, which will appear on all U.S. dollar bills if he's confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury.

"Lew needs a new signature" Midge Daniels Lee said.

Thank you for all of your great questions and please keep them coming on Facebook and on Twitter. Tune in tomorrow to "Good Morning America" and Sunday on "This Week" where we'll talk more about the president's new cabinet.