Stephen Colbert's Sister Plots House Run in South Carolina

Photo Credit: Clemson University

Stephen Colbert has long teased the possibility of political runs. He even started a campaign in "the United States of South Carolina" during his long-running effort to satirize the American electoral process.

But now, his sister is jumping into the for-real variety of a campaign, exploring a run for the U.S. Congress from their home state of South Carolina.

She's not alone in pursuing the seat vacated by Sen. Tim Scott, the ex-congressman appointed by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to Jim DeMint's former Senate seat.

It's the same special election where Mark Sanford - the former governor with the South American mistress - is plotting his political redemption. Read more about that HERE.

News of the nascent House campaign for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch was first reported by the Washington Post, citing a state party official.

Colbert-Bush, who works as a business development director at Clemson University's Restoration Institute, will have to win a Democratic primary March 19 if she wants her name on the ballot in the May 7 special election to replace Scott in the conservative district.