John Kerry Sworn in as Secretary of State

U.S. State Dept.

John Kerry stepped into the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing room a senator. He emerged an hour later as secretary of state.

"I was very honored to be sworn in and very anxious to get to work," Kerry told media with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, by his side. "So I will be reporting Monday morning at 9 o'clock."

Kerry was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan inside the room of the committee he chaired, surrounded by with his wife holding a bible and a bouquet of flowers, his daughter Vanessa, brother Cam and staff members at a private ceremony.

Champagne and cupcakes were served.

Kerry's Senate staff presented him with a gift: the seat the senator sat in during his 28 years of service in the Senate.

As he was leaving, reporters asked Kerry what hot spot he will focus on first.

He put up his hand and joked, "I'm anxious to get to work but not that anxious tonight."