Medal of Honor Winner Clinton Romesha's Son Provides Adorable Distraction Before Somber Ceremony

Little Colin Romesha seems to want to be just like his dad, Medal of Honor recipient Clinton Romesha .

The toddler, dressed to the nines, took to the stage ahead of today's White House ceremony honoring his father. He explored the presidential podium before trying to take a seat in the chair reserved for the Afghanistan war hero.

"Colin is not as shy as Clint," President Obama noted in his remarks. "He was in the Oval Office, and he was racing around pretty good and sampled a number of the apples before he found the one that was just right."

Romesha, a former active duty Army Staff Sergeant, received the nation's highest award for valor today for his actions to repel the deadly attack on Combat Outpost Keating on Oct. 3, 2009.

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