Obama Picks Indiana to Win NCAA Tournament

Pete Souza/The White House

President Obama filled out his March Madness bracket Tuesday and picked the Indiana Hoosiers as the team to take it all in this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Rounding out the rest of the president's Final Four picks were Florida, Louisville and Ohio State.

The president seemed pretty confident about his selections.

"I'm feeling good," Obama told ESPN's Andy Katz. "I'm ready to win some money here."

President Obama made at least one of his picks for the Sweet Sixteen based on some advice from Vice President Joe Biden, who attended Syracuse University for law school.

"Biden told me that if I didn't pick em' he wouldn't talk to me," Obama said.

On the women's side, Obama selected Baylor, Connecticut, Notre Dame and California for his Final Four teams. The president's full women's bracket will be unveiled Friday. The basketball-loving president has filled out brackets for the NCAA men's basketball tournament each year he has been president, but his track record has been mixed.

Last year, he correctly selected two teams - Kentucky and Ohio State - who made it to the Final Four, but in 2010 and 2011, he didn't pick any of the Final Four teams. In 2009, Obama correctly picked the team to win it all - University of North Carolina. Obama first filled out a bracket for the women's tournament in 2010. Obama's full men's bracket can be found here.