Who Is Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs Roberts?


It is ABC News' Cokie Roberts of course! She answers the questions you asked on Facebook about her name, career and more below.

1) Brian Waters: How did she get that name? I'm dying to know!

Roberts: My name is Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs Roberts. It's your basic southern Catholic name. My brother, who was three when I was born, could not pronounce Corinne and dubbed me Cokie. And Cokie it's been ever since.

2) Sheri Hunter : Love Cokie and love her on "This Week." Question - are you going to write another book?

Roberts: Yes. I'm working on a book about women in Washington in the Civil War period. As with World War II, the lives of women were vastly changed by the conflict and no place was that more true than Washington. Women who had been "belles" became activists and journalists and other women came to town not only to do the nursing and war-related jobs of Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton but also to work in the government. I have uncovered letters and diaries never published before. It's all very interesting stuff.

3) Cynthia Dinwiddie : Who would she like to be selected pope, and why?

Roberts: Anyone I would really like to see selected pope is not eligible. But of the group who will be voting, I would like to see someone who can listen. I hope several fill that bill but I'm not sure.

4) Linda Schreiber : What advice would Cokie give a budding journalist in today's news world?

Roberts: To go get a good solid liberal arts education and learn to write by writing and writing and writing. If you are already out in the world, there are all kinds of jobs where you can use your journalistic skills…Businesses, non-profits and trade associations where you can also use smart people who know how to communicate.

5) Brenda Farver: I always thought if I could swap lives with one person for a month I would pick Cokie. What has been the best part of your career?

Roberts: What a nice thing to say. I've been blessed in my life with been a long and happy marriage that produced two wonderful children who have in turn each produced three spectacular grandchildren and that is by far the best part. In terms of career, I've been lucky to have many interesting jobs and loved most of them. The ability to develop expertise and then be able to use that knowledge in broadcasting is gratifying. And I find writing books particularly satisfying.

Editor's Note: Questions from Facebook have been edited for clarity and grammar

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