Baby Lightens Mood at Tense House Hearing

While most of the House Judiciary Committee's hearing with Attorney General Eric Holder consisted of a feisty back-and-forth between the representatives and the witness, a child's cries brought a moment of lighthearted amusement.

Congressman Mel Watt held his grandson on his lap while questioning Holder about prosecuting crimes involving intellectual property.

"Mr. Watt, you're only supposed to do that at your confirmation hearing," Holder joked. "That's when you roll out the kids."

"I'm just trying to get my line of questioning. I've been in the back listening, and Nico says you've done a good job up to this point," Watt replied.

The child was calm at first, but as his grandfather dug into Holder, expressing that counterfeit goods could generate billions of dollars, young Nicolas "Nico" Watt began to emit furtive cries.

Someone nearby attempted to pull the child away from Rep. Watt, but he clung on and kept reaching for his grandfather, prompting laughter from the members of the hearing.

Once transferred to the other side of his grandfather's lap, and given a bracelet from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Nico kept quiet while Rep. Watt finished his question about the Justice Department's plans for going after criminals using the Internet to sell counterfeit goods.

"Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and Nico, thank you, also," the congressman said once he had finished. "I yield back the - we yield back the balance of our time."