George Will: Nation 'Systematically Misled' on Benghazi

ABC News

Below you can find some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." This week's foreign policy roundtable guests included ABC News' George Will; former Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chair Gen. James Cartwright (USMC, Ret.); Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus; and ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl. Joining George Will and Jonathan Karl on the powerhouse roundtable were Democratic strategist and ABC News contributor Donna Brazile; ABC News political analyst and special correspondent Matthew Dowd; and former Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, author of the new book, "Fighting for Common Ground."

Will says the American public was 'systematically misled' about Benghazi

WILL: Was security lax in Benghazi? Demonstrably. Could forces have been got there to rescue them? Doubtful. Has the nation been systematically misled? Certainly. Now, we need a select committee in congress because the State Department's misnamed accountability review board neglected to interview even the secretary of state.

Karl reports Petraeus wrote he would 'just as soon not use' the Benghazi talking points

KARL: Mike Morell, who was the deputy director [of the CIA], was the one who ultimately signed off on this. When Petraeus finally saw the final version of the talking points - this is the Saturday afternoon before Susan Rice's appearances on the Sunday shows - he looks at these and says that they're essentially useless. And direct quote from his email, he says "I would just as soon not use them. But it's their call," meaning the White House's call.

Cartwright says it 'probably wasn't feasible' to get military assets to Benghazi

CARTWRIGHT: It probably wasn't feasible [to get airplanes into Benghazi]. I don't know the exact conditions, but to get an aircraft ready, to get crews ready, to get maintenance people out - you don't just walk up to one of these and put the keys in. To provide ordinance for those aircrafts so they could at least defend themselves, and then to find the route down there, get the clearances to go in - that's a day or two of activity.

Brazile roots for Christie post-lap band surgery, 'it humanizes him'

BRAZILE: The truth is that I'm rooting for him. I think he's doing the right thing. Not just for his health, his family, whether it's 2016 and he's shaping up for that. He's - it humanizes him. But it also gives him an opportunity to share with the American people…This will give him an opportunity to talk to the American people about a subject that we should all talk about, our own health.

Marcus cautions that the President risks 'a big loss of credibility' with red line in Syria

MARCUS: Every parent knows, if you're going to make a threat, you need to be willing to follow through on it or else you lose credibility not just with the child that you're threatening, but with the other kids you have in your family… If there is adequate proof and no consequence, there's a big loss of credibility. Which is not to say that's it's an easy choice, because the consequences are all unpleasant. Something he should have thought of months ago.

Dowd criticizes military for not dealing with sexual assault

DOWD: I have a son who served in the Army and who was in Iraq for almost 18 months. It's a problem and a systematic problem. He talks about it, he talked about it, it goes on all the time… The military has not dealt with this.

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