Obama Jokes About Lipstick Stain on Shirt Collar

President Obama had a bit of a lipstick problem at the White House Tuesday evening.

A bright red stain appearing on the collar of his white shirt as he took the stage for a speech. The president quickly called out the woman responsible for the big red smudge saying he didn't want to get in trouble with First Lady Michelle Obama.

"I want to thank everybody who's here for the incredible warmth of the reception. A sign of the warmth is the lipstick on my collar. I have to say I think I know the culprit," the president said to laughter at the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month celebration at the White House. "Where's Jessica Sanchez? It wasn't Jessica. It was her aunt. Where is she? Auntie, right there. Look at this. Look at this. I just want everybody to witness."

"I do not want to get in trouble with Michelle, so I'm calling you out right in front of everybody," he joked.

Obama proceeded to praise Asian American and Pacific Islanders, including Sri Srinivasan , who was recently confirmed as a judge for the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

"In every election, at every board meeting, in every town across America, we see more and more different faces of leadership, setting examples for every young kid who sees a leader that looks like him or her, and that's a good thing. We've got to keep that up," Obama said. "Thank you for the incredible contributions you are making each and every day."

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