Obama to Promote Affordable Care Act to Latinos in California

As he travels to San Jose, Calif., today, President Obama will highlight how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will impact Latinos across the country.

Obama plans to use the trip to explain how the ACA aims to expand medical coverage for all Americans, and specifically work to improve coverage among the Latino population.

More than 10 million uninsured Latinos will qualify for healthcare insurance exchanges through the ACA, according to the White House.

The ACA is to be fully implemented starting in 2014. And will require employee sponsored health care or purchase of individual healthcare through a pool.

The president is expected to highlight research released last week by the White House that showed improved competition and quality among California insurance exchanges. According to the White House, newly offered coverage in the individual market is provided by at least four of 13 available insurance providers. People from rural California can tap into three newly available insurance companies.

Obama will also be meeting with the leader of China on this trip to discuss U.S.-Chinese relations and cybersecurity. This comes at a time when the White House is facing criticism over collecting telephone and Internet records as well as credit card transactions.

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