Peggy Noonan: Wendy Davis Standing for 'Infanticide'

ABC News

Below you can find some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Our roundtable guests included ABC News Political Analyst and Special Correspondent Matthew Dowd; ABC News Anchor and Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran, who covers the Supreme Court for ABC News; Rep. Donna F. Edwards, D-Md.; and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.

Noonan concerned about the severity of what Wendy Davis is standing for

NOONAN: Here's what - in the story of this young woman, she's so spirited. You know, she has such energy and she seems to have such commitment.

But it seems to me - and I think it seems to many Americans - that what she is speaking for and standing for is something we would recognize as infanticide, late-term abortion, the taking of a little child's life. That is really, really serious.

Moran says Justice Kennedy used 'most irresistible force' in constitution on DOMA ruling

MORAN: [...] there's no reason the congress could possibly have to could treat gay married couples differently from straight married couples. The court could have just said congress overstepped its bounds, shouldn't tell every state what marriage is, let the states decide. But Justice Kennedy opinion goes further. He picked up the most powerful, the most irresistible force in the constitution, that principle of equality, and in the broadest and most ringing terms, he framed the claims of gay Americans in that. That's going to be hard to stop for those who don't approve of this decision.

Edwards backs 'three strikes and you're out' approach to lifting bans on same sex marriage

EDWARDS: Well, I mean, there were plenty of people, both through the amicus process and others who put the argument forward. I mean, and the court could have come to a different conclusion had it wanted to. I mean, I think it's almost three strikes and you're out. DOMA, Prop 8, and the next to go are the state bans. And I think that's appropriate.

Moran believes Voting Rights Act is 'probably the most successful law ever passed'

MORAN: The Voting Rights Act is probably the most successful law ever passed in this country. [...] It changed American democracy. We have a different country because of the Voting Rights Act.

Dowd confident that undocumented immigrants help drive economy

DOWD: There's 12 million people in this country that to a large degree drive economic growth. I live in Texas, I live in Austin, spend time in California, those two states without a huge body of these folks who are undocumented, who drive a huge part of the economy, this country would not be the same country it was without that. We have to do something about this.
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