Chelsea Clinton Leaves Door Open to Political Run, But 'Not Now'

Credit: Amos Gumulira/AFP/Getty Images

Could Chelsea Clinton follow in the footsteps of her former president father and former secretary of state (and potentially future presidential candidate) mother?

"Not now," she told CNN's Nima Elbagir on Monday in Rwanda, during a nine-day trip through Africa with her father.

But in the same interview the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton did not rule out the possibility either.

"I'm so grateful for the work I'm able to do in places like Rwanda - I know that I'm making a difference," she said. "I'm also grateful to live in a city and a state and a country where I really believe in my elected officials, and their ethos and their competencies."

She added, "Someday, if either of those weren't true, and I thought I could make more of a difference in the public sector, or if I didn't like how my city or state or country were being run, I'd have to ask and answer that question."

In the over 12 years since her family left the White House, Clinton has led a "deliberately private life," she told Elbagir. "And now I'm attempting to lead a purposely public life," Clinton said.

Clinton traveled to Africa with her father as part of their work for the Clinton Foundation. In addition to Rwanda, the trip has taken father and daughter to Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa. "This trip, and the projects visited, will highlight many of the issues that President and Chelsea Clinton have long worked on-economic growth and empowerment, equality of opportunity, and health access," according to a statement from the foundation.

Originally named the Bill Clinton Foundation, the non-profit organization recently changed its name to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation to reflect the contributions of Chelsea and her mother.