White House Quotes Mean Girls in Bo Instagram

Credit: @whitehouse/Twitter

The first dog is still "trying to make fetch happen," as mean girl Gretchen Wieners would say.

The White House posted a photo to its Instagram account of Bo, the Obama family dog, in the Oval Office with a tennis ball in his mouth.

The caption for the photo read, "Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen," a tagline from the 2003 film "Mean Girls."

The photo collected more than 9,000 "likes" in about two hours, already making it the second-most- popular photo on the White House's Instagram, which was started in June.

The White House's followers also complimented the president's team for its cult film reference. Instagram user Jglash10 commented, "[B]ravo White House community management team. Bravo."

"Someone at The White House has a sense of humor!" user Fairestpudding wrote.

And user bostonterriercapone chimed in, "There needs to be a lot more pics of Bo! Does he have his own Instagram?"