Biden Hasn't Tried 'It Was Clear I Wasn't Getting Online'

(Susan Walsh/AP Photo)

In a striking admission, Vice President Joe Biden says he hasn't tried to access because he knows the administration's troubled new insurance portal doesn't work.

HLN's Christi Paul asked Biden during an interview Wednesday whether he has "tried to get online yourself," to which Biden replied "no."

"Actually the president tried to get online and my daughter tried to get online. I did not because it was clear that I wasn't getting online," Biden said. "So - but it really is inexcusable. I mean, there's no excuse. You just have to fix it. So we've pulled out all the stops."

The vice president expressed confidence in the Department of Health and Human Services to resolve the technical problems before a new self-imposed Nov. 30 deadline to have the site fully functional for consumers.

Echoing other senior administration officials in recent days, Biden disavowed any advance knowledge of the website's problems ahead of its Oct. 1 launch.

"We were under the impression that it was ready to go," Biden told Paul. "We had - the president to his credit, almost seven weeks out, said, 'Are we ready?' and to be told by the pros, 'Yeah, it looks ready to go.'… Neither he nor I are tech geeks and we assumed it was up and ready to run."