10 Fun Questions With Jimmy Carter's Grandson Jason Carter

(Photo Credit: Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Jason Carter, a grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, has announced that he will run for governor of Georgia as a Democrat, challenging incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal. The state senator, 38, took a few minutes this week to answer a few of ABC News' questions.

1. What's your morning ritual?

I've got two little boys and they come into our room, jolt us out of bed and they're ready to start the day right away. I pop up with my two little kids.

2. Favorite movie?

Ever? The best movie I've seen recently … in my house these days, we watch 'The Incredibles.'

3. Favorite TV show?

We just finished " Breaking Bad." I watched the first four and a half seasons, you know, in almost binge style. And then we had to watch the last half of season 5 as it came out. It's totally worth it.

4. Favorite food?

Mediterranean. How about I tell you this: A brisket sandwich from Fox Brothers Barbeque. It's the best barbeque place in Atlanta.

5. The best place you've traveled?

The little village where I did the Peace Corps: Lochiel, South Africa.

6. The worst place you've traveled?

Washington, D.C.

7. Do you do your own tweeting?

I tweet for myself. Nobody else has access to my twitter handle ( @SenatorCarter). I love twitter. I have a lot of people that I follow.

8. Do you use Instagram?

I don't. But I was about to set up my account for my four-year-old photographer. He is awesome.

9. Who is your hero?

Probably Nelson Mandela. I got to meet him. When he was the president, my grandfather and I went and saw him when I was in the Peace Corps. I literally left this tiny little village … and I got on public transportation and rode to right near the president's house and got to go see him.

I sat in that room with my grandfather and with Nelson Mandela and realized that these people are at the pinnacle of leadership and politics and everything else, and they've never lost track of who they are. They never lost track of how important it is to be a good person and it just really made me think and understand what sort of leadership is like at its best.

10. How did you meet your wife?

We met during her first week of college. We've been together for 18 years. And, in fact, that next morning, I went and told one of my best friends I was going to marry her. I'm lucky and we're both very, very lucky.