Christie: Advice From Romney Campaign Something Nobody Should 'Really Give a Darn About'

This morning on "This Week," New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie brushed off criticism reported in the new book "Double Down" from a member of Mitt Romney's 2012 vice presidential vetting team, saying his advice was not something he should "give a darn about."

"First off, political advice from people who ran the Romney campaign is probably something nobody should really give a darn about, so let's start with that," Christie told ABC's George Stephanopoulos. "But secondly, all these issues have been vetted and if I ever run for anything again, they'll be vetted again."

Christie was responding to comments from Ted Newton - part of the team that vetted Christie for a possible vice-presidential spot on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential ticket - as reported in "Double Down" by Mark Halperin and John Heilmann, which chronicles the 2012 presidential election.

"Now, surveying the sum and substance of what the team was finding, Newton told his colleagues, If Christie had been in the nomination fight against us, we would have destroyed him - he wouldn't be able to run for governor again. When you look below the surface, Newton said, it's not pretty," the authors wrote.

During his interview on "This Week," Christie directed people to Mitt Romney's comments regarding his vice presidential selection thinking.

ABC News

"If you're in public life that's what you have to understand. But listen to Governor Romney, and what Governor Romney said when he spoke last week was that none of this caused him any pause at all and so I'll take Mitt Romney's interpretation of all this, rather than some, you know, paid political consultant who was, you know, trying to make himself famous obviously in the book," Christie said.

Christie - who is the subject of consistent speculation when it comes to the 2016 presidential race - was asked by Stephanopoulos whether or not he would serve his entire second term as New Jersey governor. Christie said he did not know.

"Listen, who knows. I don't know. I'm going to continue to do my job and finish the job. But everybody who is trying to figure out what life is going to bring you a few years from now, I didn't expect to be sitting here four years ago, George. So, nobody can make those predictions," Christie said.

Stephanopoulos also asked Christie about the TIME magazine cover this week which featured Christie's silhouette with the headline "The Elephant in the Room." Earlier this year, Christie secretly had lap band surgery in an effort to control his weight after openly admitting to struggling with his weight for years. The governor seemed to take TIME's choice to put him on their cover in stride.

"You know, George, if I'm bothered by jokes about my weight, it's time for me to curl up into a fetal position and go home. Okay? The fact is, that, you know, if they think it's clever, great for them. I mean, they run the magazine. They get to make the decisions," Christie said.

"Here's the thing - the way the people of New Jersey look at this, their governor has been on the cover of TIME magazine twice in one year… Whatever they put on the cover of TIME magazine, as long as my name is with it, I could care less," he added.

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