First Family Thanksgiving Menu: More Pie, Please!

The Obamas help pack and distribute bags of food to needy children and seniors at the Capital Area Food Bank, Nov. 27, 2013, the day before Thanksgiving. (Chip Somodevilla/dpa/Corbis)

President Obama may have pardoned Caramel and Popcorn in White House tradition Wednesday, but today he sits down with his family to enjoy both turkey and honey-baked ham.

In his weekly address on Wednesday, Obama said he planned to spend the holiday "just like many of you - sitting down with family and friends to eat some good food, tell stories, watch a little football and, most importantly, count our blessings."

And breaking from their four-year tradition of six pies, on this Thanksgiving the first family will serve nine, yes nine, different kinds of pies.

That is more desserts than side dishes.

The customary banana cream, pumpkin, apple, sweet potato and huckleberry pies will all be there, just as they've been in the past. But this year cherry pie has been replaced by pecan pie, chocolate cream pie, peach pie and coconut cream pie.

Aside from the desserts, the first family's Thanksgiving menu looks identical to years past, including:

• Cornbread stuffing

• Oyster stuffing

• Greens

• Macaroni and cheese

• Sweet potatoes

• Mashed potatoes

• Green bean casserole

• Dinner rolls