Josh Romney Rescues Four From Car Crash

Thanksgiving night wasn't the typical relax-after-a-big-dinner holiday for the third son of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Last night, after dinner with his parents and family, Josh Romney, 38, was driving home with his wife and children when a car sped by him and crashed into the kitchen of a home in Holladay, Utah.

Romney tweeting a photo of himself standing next to the car this morning, writing "Was first on scene to big accident, see pic of car in the house. I lifted 4 people out to safety. All ok. Thankful - Josh Romney (@joshromney) November 29, 2013.

Lt. Justin Hoyal, public information officer for the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake, confirmed to ABC News that Josh Romney was at the scene last night.

Hoyal said no one was injured when the "male driver exiting the I-215 southbound exit, for unknown reasons, didn't stop and continued off and ended up in that house."

Husband, wife and two teenage kids were in the car at the time of the accident, and an adult male was in the home's basement when the car struck the house.

"Officers arrived, the driver was the last one getting out of the car. Josh was there. He, along with our officers, walked the individuals to the front yard for medical attention," Hoyal said. "All the occupants of the car were evaluated at the scene and released."

In a statement to ABC News, Romney explained that the accident occurred last night while heading home with his wife and children, following Thanksgiving dinner with his parents and family.

"We exited I-215 South at 4500 South and came to a stop at the intersection. Just then a vehicle traveling at highway speed passed narrowly by my car, through the intersection and into the kitchen of a home across the street.

"I drove to the accident site and entered the home where the car had come to a stop on its side. I opened the driver side door and spoke with the four passengers inside the car. Miraculously, they appeared to have no major injuries. I was able to help each of them get out of the car and lift them down to the ground.

"My family and I are grateful that no one was seriously injured and glad to have been able to help those affected by this terrible accident. What I did to help the people involved in the accident is what anyone else would do who witnessed such a potentially dangerous situation."

Also posting the photo to Facebook, Romney said:

"I was the first on scene to the huge accident on 4500 South last night," he posted. "Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured and I was able to lift all four passengers out of the car. The car just missed us at the intersection and hit this house going about 70 mph. You can see from the pic that we are in the homeowner's kitchen."

The home is now uninhabitable and police are looking at the possibility of a medical condition the driver suffered as the cause of the accident. It is still being investigated.

It is the second time this house was struck by a car, Hoyal said, the last time being a "number of years ago."