Check Out the US Ambassador to Finland's Hilarious Holiday Card

(Image Credit: Bruce Oreck)

U.S. Ambassador to Finland Bruce Oreck has really outdone himself this year with this hilarious holiday card.

Last year, the statesman flexed his bulging left bicep in his annual, unofficial winter snap, but this year he decided to pose fully clothed alongside four shirtless men in a sauna.

"Last year, the lighthearted version of my holiday card received some notoriety because I was photographed flexing the bicep of my naked arm," he wrote. "WELL, I certainly learned my lesson."

The photograph of Oreck, who wore a long-sleeve shirt and tie, was apparently taken in a 230-degree room at the Finnish Sauna Society in Helsinki.

In case you missed it, here's the ambassador exercising his right to "bare arms" in his now infamous 2012 card.

(Image Credit: Bruce Oreck/Facebook)