Katy Perry Wants to Ask Obama About Space Aliens

Katy Perry performs at a campaign rally for President Barack Obama on Oct. 24, 2012, in Las Vegas. (John Gurzinski/Getty Images)

Singer Katy Perry wants to talk to President Obama about one thing, and it's not health care, immigration or even world peace. It's aliens.

"I see everything through a spiritual lens," Perry said in an interview with GQ magazine. "I believe in a lot of astrology. I believe in aliens."

"I look up into the stars and I imagine: How self-important are we to think that we are the only life-form?" she said. "I mean, if my relationship with Obama gets any better, I'm going to ask him that question. It just hasn't been appropriate yet."

And the two might have a lot to talk about. In 2011, the White House said there is "no evidence that any life exists outside our planet" after thousands of people signed a petition asking for the government to reveal its search for extraterrestrials.

The pop star, who campaigned for President Obama in Las Vegas and Wisconsin in 2012, joked that she might have been the force behind his win in the Badger State.

"I might have won Wisconsin for him," she said. "Actually, I didn't do too much, but he called on me a couple of times. Which was very nice."

Perry attended the president's inauguration in 2013 with boyfriend John Mayer and performed at the Kids Inaugural Ball.

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