Meet the State of the Union Guest Who Got the Most Applause

U.S. Army Ranger Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg had the longest standing ovation of the night at the State of the Union Tuesday night.

Remsburg, who has met President Obama on three separate occasions, was almost killed by a roadside bomb explosion in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2009. The explosion left Remsburg in a three-month coma and rendered him partially paralyzed and brain-damaged, according to the White House.

The 30-year-old veteran, who joined the Army on his 18th birthday, underwent six hours of occupational, physical and speech therapy per day, and has worked up the ability to walk and speak again. Remsburg is blind in his left eye and struggles to use the left side of his body.

Obama honored Remsburg's tenacity by stating that he "never gives up, and he does not quit" while serving as a reminder that "America never comes easy."

A native of Arizona, Remsburg has been awarded a number of honors, including the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, and is the Vice President of Human Resources for Telgian Corporation and a retired US Air Force Reserve firefighter, according to the Department of Defense.