DNC Hits Christie in Super Bowl Themed Online Ad

The Super Bowl is known as much for its commercials as it is for football and New Jersey is in the spotlight this weekend, but it's embattled governor may want to skip this new online ad.

The Democratic National Committee is out with a new online commercial titled the "Big Game," hitting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Watch the DNC's online commercial here.

The DNC wouldn't comment on how much it is spending on the online ad, but says it will be geo-targeted to within 20 miles of the Meadowlands, which will include most of New York City; Fort Lee, N.J., where the lane closure scandal began; and other towns surrounding the Super Bowl.

The video begins with the words "The big game is about to begin. A rising star shows promise" over video of football players getting ready to play.

The video then goes to Christie on Election Night just last November, when celebrating his landslide victory he had a message for Washington, D.C.

"Maybe the folks in DC should tune in their TVs right now and see how it's done," Christie said, before the words "they say he's unstoppable" appear on the screen, and a Republican strategist pointing to Christie's win as an "absolute slam dunk as a model for the future of the Republican Party."

Using sports metaphors again, the words "unless he chokes" appear before press coverage of Friday's news that David Wildstein, a former political ally and high school classmate of Christie's, released a letter through his attorney alleging "evidence exists" that Christie knew about the lanes closing as they were happening.

"And it's only the first quarter. It's going to be a long game," the text reads at the end.

Christie will be attending the Super Bowl today. He has repeatedly denied having any knowledge that top aides closed the lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge as a political payback, including most recently to a letter Saturday to friends and family, and there has been no evidence linking him directly to the scandal.