The 1 Politician Seth Rogen Wants to Smoke Pot With

"Knocked Up" star Seth Rogen went to Capitol Hill Wednesday to talk about the need to increase funding for Alzheimer's disease research. The 31-year-old actor and celebrity champion for the Alzheimer's Association talked to ABC News about his personal crusade against Alzheimer's disease as well as everything from "House of Cards" to legalizing pot in the U.S. Here's an edited transcript of 11 questions we asked Rogen:

1. ABC News: What brought you to Capitol Hill?

Seth Rogen: They invited me to talk about Alzheimer's and how it affected my life and my family's life, and it was a very unique opportunity so I jumped at it.

2. Do you think Congress isn't doing enough when it comes to Alzheimer's?

I think one of the most distressing things I heard was talking to Dr. Hodes, who's a major Alzheimer's doctor, and he was saying that a lot of people who would normally be pursuing curing Alzheimer's as a disease are not seeing that the money is there, and they're choosing other diseases to pursue.

3. Could you talk about your personal experience with the disease?

My wife's mother has had early onset Alzheimer's and has had it since she was in her early 50s, and now she's in her early 60s and it's very advanced. And it was so brutal, honestly, that it just made us decide to try to do something.

4. What's your 15-second pitch to young people for why they need to pay attention to Alzheimer's disease right now?

It's a disease that has no cure or prevention that will probably affect you and your family one day, and it needs more attention.

5. What character in "House of Cards" do you most relate to?

They're all so good. None of them, honestly. They're all so white. That's all I think when I watch that show: all those white people.

6. Would you rather be a Frank Underwood or Olivia Pope from "Scandal"?

I don't watch "Scandal." My wife's pretty into it, though. We went to the White House today and, as soon as we got there, she said, "These are the benches from 'Scandal.'" It was very exciting for her.

7. Do you think Congress is full of more freaks or geeks?

Seems like geeks from the stats.

8. Do you think it's time for pot to be legalized everywhere?

Sure. Why not? Who's that hurting?

9. Is there one politician you'd want to smoke pot with?

That [Sen. Tom] Harkin guy seemed pretty cool. I'd go with him.

10. What would you like to say about Harold Ramis? He played your father in "Knocked Up."

It's incredibly sad, and he was a very nice guy and one of my comedy icons, honestly - and I'm just happy I got the opportunity to work with him, at all. But it's obviously terrible.

11. Who's your pick right now for 2016?

Hillary. Go Hillary. I'm sure she's waiting for the announcement - so she can go to bed easy tonight.