Lance Bass At White House to Plug Obamacare, But Has A Twitter Fail

Pop music star Lance Bass made a visit to the White House today to lend his voice to President Obama's ongoing efforts to encourage young people to sign up for health care through the government exchange.

Bass, who first rose to fame as a singer in the popular 1990s boy band 'N Sync, tweeted a photo of himself posing in front of the West Wing, telling his followers about his meeting with the president to discuss health care overhaul.

Bass, 34, even provided a link to the government health care exchange site in his tweet. The only problem: Bass directed his 300,000 Twitter followers to the wrong website. He linked to a private website, rather than the government-run exchange,


Upon realizing the error, which was quickly pointed out to Bass on Twitter, he deleted the original tweet and reposted his photo:

He also posted a longer reply on Twitlonger:

"Grow up people! A handful of private citizens were invited to talk about Health Care. I have questions just like you- and I brought in several that my fans have brought up. I'm not writing any laws here. Don't hate because I'm trying to get educated. And I friggin messed up the website! Ugh. It's !! RT @sheadizzle: When you are enlisting the help of @LanceBass for your healthcare program it might be a terrible program"

Bass' visit to the White House comes a day after a video of Obama's being interviewed by comedian Zach Galifinakis about the health care exchange was posted to Funny Or Die, a website popular among teenagers and young adults.