The Curious Case of L.A.'s Tattooed Ted Cruz Posters

So, you thought you knew Ted Cruz?

Posters of a tattooed - and muscular - Cruz have mysteriously appeared in several locations around Los Angeles, according to Breitbart News.

The poster carries the following message: "BEVERLY HILTON / Ted Cruz's So-Cal 'Blacklisted & Loving It' Tour" with today's date. Breitbart's Kerry Picket reports that the posters have appeared "in front of popular L.A. clubs: the Viper Room, the Seventh Veil, Whiskey-a-Go-Go, as well as on car windshields and utility poles among other places."

Turns out the Republican Texas senator is scheduled to be in Los Angeles this weekend to receive an award from conservative Claremont Institute at an event Saturday night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (not the Beverly Hilton).

For his part, Cruz is having a little fun with the strange images, tweeting: "Saw this, but noticed an error. So I wanted to make one thing clear: I don't smoke cigarettes."