Hillary Clinton's Speaking Frenzy: 4 Days, 3 States and $$$

(Photo Credit: Matt Rourke/AFP/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton's Twitter bio ends with the phrase "TBD," but that doesn't mean she's lying low.

The former secretary of state embarks on a whirlwind speaking tour of the West Coast this week that, while potentially lucrative, also looks a lot like a campaign-style swing.

From Tuesday through Friday, Clinton will barnstorm three states, making five appearances at corporate events and business conventions covering an array of topics from health care to scrap metal recycling.

But the frenzied schedule is a small price to pay for the potential upside. With her personal speaking fees reportedly averaging $200,000 per engagement, Clinton could haul in as much as $1 million in the four-day period.

Representatives for Clinton, 66, have not responded to a request for comment about her speaking fees at this week's events.

Being in such high-demand isn't easy. The schedule is near manic.

Clinton's tour kicks off Tuesday in California where she'll deliver a keynote at a large marketing summit in San Francisco. Later that day, she'll pop up to Portland, Ore., to headline the World Affairs Council of Oregon's annual International Speaker series.

She'll stop by Las Vegas Thursday where she will give closing remarks at a scrap metal recycling expo (and also likely draw attention from politicos taking note of her first appearance in an early primary state this year).

Then, it's back to California for a speaker series in San Jose that night, and the following morning she'll wrap up the tour with a speech via satellite to a health care convention in San Diego.

And Clinton isn't the only family member with a full lineup this week.

Former President Bill Clinton will deliver two speeches Tuesday: one in Maryland and the other in South Carolina. Wednesday he speaks at the LBJ Civil Rights Summit in Texas, where President Obama and former presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter are also slated to speak. Thursday he'll raise money in Pennsylvania for Chelsea Clinton's scandal-plagued mother-in-law, Marjorie Margolies, who is running for congressional office in the state.

In addition, Chelsea Clinton will speak Thursday at a tech convention in New York City.

In total, the Clintons will make appearances at 10 events in eight different states in the course of four days.

In recent appearances, the Clintons have not shied away from weighing in on the news of the day. The last time Hillary Clinton was in California in February, she made headlines for comparing Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler, and two weeks ago at a Clinton Global Initiative event in Arizona, both Hillary and Bill Clinton commented on climate change and Internet security.

But each member of the Clinton family is nothing but coy about 2016.

How Hillary Clinton will manage to tiptoe around that question in the course of her busy week, however, is TBD.