Mt. Fuji-Shaped Ice Cream Is 'Delicious,' Obama Says

TOKYO - Ice cream in the shape of Mt. Fuji, prepared at the request of the emperor, apparently tastes pretty darn good.

Asked by ABC News how he found last night's state dinner dessert, Obama said it was "delicious."

"They had the green tea at the bottom that I've spoken about having since I was 6," he said. "I was very pleased."

He later passed the compliment to the emperor and empress in person as he bid them farewell at the Hotel Okura.

"Thank you for last night it was such a nice evening," Obama told the couple.

Whiel waiting for his royal highnesses, Obama told the press that he is jetlagged on day three of his Asian tour. "I'm still on the waking up at 4 thing," he said.

Obama departs shortly for Seoul, South Korea, where he will visit US troops and meet with Korean President Park.