Rep. Michael McCaul Expresses Concern Over Potential Marathon Terrorist Copycat

This morning on "This Week," House Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, while noting the increase in security in Boston ahead of the marathon tomorrow, expressed concern over the potential that someone may try to replicate the attack last year on the Boston Marathon that left three people dead and hundreds injured.

"I do believe it's very ramped up security wise, cameras, personnel, canines, all sorts of bomb detecting equipment. So I do think it's very well fortified. It'd be difficult to penetrate that," McCaul said on "This Week" this morning. "I am concerned, as was noted, a copycat type demonstration, or someone who was inspired by the Tamerlan brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to perpetrate another act of jihadism. That's a very real scenario."

"We don't have any chatter right now. But… we didn't have that last time," McCaul added. "What's the good news is since last time after we've done our reports and investigations on what happened last time, is that now we're having full cooperation, I think, with the FBI in terms of on the ground security and so I feel confident we're going to have a safe and successful marathon tomorrow. I know the entire nation is cheering for Boston."

Former New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, now an ABC News contributor, echoed McCaul's concerns.

"Well, obviously, some sort of copycat event, and something that looks similar to what we saw last year," Kelly said, when asked by ABC's Martha Raddatz what worries him most about the marathon tomorrow.

"And again, you cannot totally rule out an event happening away… from the marathon. And I believe that the Massachusetts authorities and the Boston police have put that into the equation," Kelly said. "You need resources to respond to locations away from the marathon if something untoward happens."

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