Bill Kristol Admonishes Karl Rove for Hillary Clinton Health Comments

ABC News contributor and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol admonished fellow Republican Karl Rove this morning on ABC News' "This Week," asserting that his choice to weigh in on the health on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not an especially smart move.

"I don't think it was a particularly shrewd move," Kristol said. "I mean, we'll see how Secretary Clinton's health is. She'll be out there campaigning, presumably. I imagine her health will be fine. But, in any case, people can see for themselves, so there's no reason for Karl Rove to speculate about it."

Rove - a veteran of President George W. Bush's administration - sent waves through Washington this week with comments suggesting that Clinton may have suffered brain damage after a fall in 2012 that left her hospitalized. The comments spurred the New York Post to run a headline that read, "Karl Rove: Hillary may have brain damage."

Rove later said that he did not believe Clinton had suffered brain damage, but that she will have to provide more details about the incident if she runs for president.

Peggy Noonan, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, told the "This Week" roundtable that the brouhaha might even help the former first lady as the 2016 presidential election gets closer.

"I don't think it was helpful for a political operative, as opposed to journalists, to begin this whole story," Noonan said. "But I also think, in a funny way, this will work for Mrs. Clinton's benefit after all. She's got a book tour coming up in June that means these topics will come up then, when she's selling the book, when she's doing network specials, when she's feeling fresh and perky and can knock it back with prepared lines, so I think its fine. But sure, it's an early move of 2016."

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