Hillary Clinton Reveals at Least One of Her Guilty Pleasures

Hillary Clinton has some guilty pleasures. Though we may never know all of them.

During a lighthearted moment today at a health care conference near Washington, D.C., Clinton was asked what her guilty pleasure was.

It took some pondering. Eventually the moderator said, "Are there that many?" To which Hillary replied, "No, I'm just trying to think of some G-Rated ones."

After some audience laughter, she shared one, but conceded it was a little boring.

"Chocolate," she admitted. "I hate to be so predictable … chocolate. Of any sort."

Later in the Q&A at the National Council for Behavioral Health conference, Clinton also drew laughs when asked what role Congress should play in naming her grandchild.

"Given what's going on, the poor child would never get a name!" Clinton joked, adding it would probably be called "Baby" until it went to college.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answers questions with President & CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health, Linda Rosenberg, during the National Council for Behavioral Health's annual conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, May 6, 2014, in National Harbor, Md. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The potential presidential candidate also spoke about her thought process as she contemplates a decision to run in 2016. When asked what she'd be giving up to run for president, Clinton said: "That's a very good question," because "obviously I am thinking about that right now."

Clinton drew parallels between the lengthy decision-making process she went through when determining if she should run for the Senate and accept the Secretary of State position, to her current state of mind.

"I am somebody who really has to mull things over … because there is a cost to everything," Clinton said.

"And for me it is exciting to be in the public arena…trying to do what I can to influence the public debate, to speak out for people who may not have voices on their behalf. So I really appreciate doing all of that I just have to decide whether I'm ready to do that."

"Stay tuned," she added. "When I know, you'll know."

Taking a heavy turn, Clinton then weighed in on the heated gun control debate - a topic she has largely stayed clear of in recent years.

Making an argument for stricter gun laws, Clinton said we need to "rein in" on what has become an "almost article of faith that anyone can have a gun, anywhere, anytime." And said that while she believes in Second Amendment protections, there has "got to be a better appreciation" for gun use.

She cited situations similar to the recent event in Florida where a man was shot for texting on his phone in a movie theater for reasons why the laws should be tightened. "That's what happens in the countries I've visited where there's no rule of law and there's no self-control," she said. "And that is something that we cannot just let go without paying attention."